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Bituminous coal

Coal and which are the fundamental motive power of modern industry, is at the summit of the hierarchy of all resources in their applicability and are essential resources that the modern industries cannot do without. The coal industry is the area of the natural resource that our company has observed closely with the greatest interest since we commenced our resources development business in earnest in 2009.

A total of 7 billion tons of coal has been produced throughout the world annually since 2009 with China accounting for the largest proportion with annual production of more than 3 billion tons. The domestic annual consumption of coal in Korea is in the range of 2~4 million tons.

We have a particular interest in the bituminous coal among numerous categories of coals and we acquired PT.TUC in Feburary 2014 which have been executing contractor works such as coal getting and overburden at the MPP bituminous coal mine in the Kalimantan district of Indonesia, which is one of the foremost countries with an abundance of natural resources.
MPP mine is currently being operated by the LG International (one of the largest corporation for developing resources in KOREA). It is a high caliber mine with production volume of approximately 3 million tons in 2013. Through our equity in PT.TUC, our company's profitability will be greatly improved and we will have established a bridgehead to secure bituminous coal in Indonesia.

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